Premium quality Jute rope imported from Japan

Sudo Jute is a new supplier of carefully selected top quality jute ropes based in Cape Town.

We offer exquisite pure, Grade A long fibre toxin free jute ropes from Japan and Germany, famous Japanese tossa jute in Natural, Black, Red and Pink. We also do handmade, custom made and coloured ropes, made locally with the utmost care as well as excellent value natural jute rope from around the world.



SudoJute was created to serve the local community in Southern Africa, far away from the rope vendors of the world. We are happy to help wherever you are, but please also consider your local rope vendors. If you really want what we got, go for it ;) Currency is South African rand, approximately 14 to a dollar and 16 to the euro. Payment accepted via major credit cards or Paypal, shipping with EMS calculated at checkout. Get in touch by email to to discuss options. 

Sudo Gold, our current holy grail

We are very proud to offer Sudo Gold, and Japanese White, some of the purest, cleanest ropes you will find worldwide, long fiber top grade Golden Tossa and White jute yarn making a rope to fall in love with. Also coming soon, Sudo Red Gold, and Black Gold, the same wonderful rope but deep-dyed before spinning. 

No chemicals, no JBO, nothing at all that is harmful to you or the planet. We should all use this.

Credit Cards welcome

Bank transfer option also available at checkout. PayPal available by invoice on request. International orders via PayPal.

Silky soft, ready to use

If you choose the conditioning option when you select your rope, they're papmpered with an extensive conditioning process, treated with organic oils and wax, and is ready to use right away, with minimal fibre shedding and super soft skin feel. 

If you prefer your own method of conditioning, most ropes are also available untreated, at a reduced price.

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Just to be clear

This site is designed to be Safe-ish For Work, so there is not much mention of things like b 0nda ge or sh| ba r i or such :). If you are here it is probably because of an interest in restraining the human body in some way, be it for er 0ti c, playful, aesthetic or psychological purpose. If so, you have come to the right place.

Coming soon: Sudo Gold, Red Gold and Black Gold. The cleanest and most pure golden jute on the planet.